Find the perfect global partners

The market place is becoming ever more globalized and LiNeo is a B2B platform designed to help you connect with these international markets.

If you are determined to go global, to get your products into international markets and if you wish to offer your production capabilities as an "OEM" service provider then LiNeo is right for you!

The demand is there but the challenge is discovering and developing the right partnerships to unlock the markets you hope to enter.

LiNeo has been developed for this!

Discover the best global partners with LiNeo!

What kind of partners can you discover using LiNeo

If your hope is to offer your products and services to the global market, if you want to trade internationally. If you recognize that there is demand out there for either your products or for your services then LiNeo is here to help you. LiNeo has been established to help you connect and establish "Agent" based relationships.

Discover” international agents to sell your products in various markets around the world or “Market” your production capabilities and take on contracts to become an "OEM" service provider.

LiNeo will effectively use its international network to assist you no matter your needs

Discover the best global partners with LiNeo!

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