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Company Profile

About LiNeo(图1)

Company Name / 

LiNeo Co., Ltd. (Japanese name: 株式会社LiNeo)

Established / Feb-2022

Capital / 5 Million Yen

Location /

Gojinsya Hiroshima Kamiyacho Building 11-10 Motomachi Naka-ku,

Hiroshima city, Hiroshima prefecture, JAPAN

Email Address / support@lineo.pro

Company Policy

      About LiNeo(图2)

Our goal when establishing “LiNeo” was to create a company that could connect businesses, products, skills and people from around the globe. The name “LiNeo” was born out of that desire. “Line”, representing connections made and “Neo” meaning “New”.

Our mission is to act as a bridge that connects various cultures, technologies, resources and skills from around the globe. 

To make new  connections that serve and make a positive impact, connections to opportunity  and trade that are not limited by boundaries and borders. 

Our hope is to create an online community of global partners that find synergy together. 

A community of different languages and cultures, skills  and know-how that discover team together. 

Our Promise is that “LiNeo” will be a platform that helps you take the steps you need to go global and interact with the international market no matter the language barriers or cultural challenges.
Let’s do it together! 

Message from the CEO

As a young man from the countryside I set an ambitious goal. The goal was “to  change the world”. To do so I needed a team of skilled and ambitious young people who are determined to work together to achieve something special. 


It was during this time of turmoil and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus that  this team came together to form LiNeo. Seeing the distress and uncertainty caused by the pandemic we determined to create a positive change. A change that helped those around us take greater control of their circumstances. To see  people working together to develop “win-win” relationships rather than harm each other through a competition based system. 


I am grateful to all who support and partner with us at LiNeo to see positive change in our working environment that hopefully spills over into our communities and society in general. 


Our commitment to you is that we will continually strive to improve the services  we offer you, our customers, partners, employees and everyone involved with us. 


We at LiNeo look forward to your continued support.